Think Scientifically

Posted: December 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Try to think about it scientifically try to bring physics to bear
Our physicality is our entry point into the material dimension
We perceive with our senses the flesh is a base point of apprehension

Like light sinking into a bog belching back swamp fire to ignite the horizon
It is both the instrument of and the obstacle to our transcendence
Our means of progress is the vehicle at hand which must eject us

the mind pulls forward the body grows dense
entrenched concentration lifts a heavy stone edifice
perspective shifts revealing new visions of beauty and truth

The shining utopia on a hill ringed by endless barrios
Crisscrossed by countless avenues with forgotten names
We wander through them are lost then find our way out again

Think we’ve been enlightened realize we were merely amazed
Try to turn our thoughts in another direction into the beherenow
The beginning and the end of every journey we needed a method not a map


Without Tears

Posted: December 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Sometimes he longs to be the white hot center of attention
convinces himself laughter is worth something
he is somehow uplifting his fellow man.

He envisions sparkling scenarios wherein the crowd adores him
feels warmth as small muscles rearrange faces in pleasing expressions
hearts happily pumping blood to help things along.

He accepts adoration modestly and graciously as his due
he is creating memorable moments after all
someone somewhere someday may cherish one.

He holds them all within himself and yet he is somehow sad
it is a knowing sadness without tears
there may come a time when he can share them anew.

Darkness Envies Ligt

Posted: November 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

I stumble about in crepuscular decrepitude
once the darkness faded there were years of relative calm
now the hour of the wolf draws near.

Ever envious of light darkness seeks dominion
at times death seems preferable to a life devoid of youth
and the dangerous pursuit of treasure.

When exhaustion defunded defenses the mask fell away
revealed truth hidden within every little ache and pain like a sniper
taking pot shots at my equilibrium until even memories hurt.

A Hard Man After All

Posted: November 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

I am unable to muster an erection when called upon
the unwilling flesh parts some spirit enters
a message from a prudish god divine interdiction
nature’s way of telling me to slow down
the inference that an erection is evil.

Hard satan soft god
the simple binary logic of the faithful
the fervor of the ardent and the anxious
like the beating of an artificial heart
so much certainty in the stifled impulse.

Religious fascism is a natural enough result
upright brigades of true believers marching as to war
I’d sooner fall on my knees in a forest glade
babble in tongues at the sight of the setting sun
a heretic in a loincloth adulating in the jungle.

Banished to the welcoming wilderness
I will live under the sky and die in the tiger’s embrace
before I will worship another true god
who art in heaven and in hell
I have it within me I am a hard man after all.

If a Tear Falls

Posted: November 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’m a bad habit my friends aren’t miracle workers
a winding road of worn-out welcomes in my wake
the façade slips the charms grow stale.

Something about me eventually repels
something I do inevitably elicits hostility.

I cannot see it in the bright light of day
only in dreams does the wolf emerge
a creature of terror and loathing.

But predators too feel fear
fangs and claws defend and protect.

The kill is necessary to sustain life
we are made to know the sweet taste of prey
we were designed for murder.

Charity and mercy run counter to our nature
forgiveness is a feat bordering on the divine.
The work of saints is seldom seen
their secret sacrifices are not in vain.

If a tear falls onto my hands and I show it to you
will you then forgive me?
And if I laugh will you break me at last?

The real miracle would be to understand each other.

Stand Your Ground

Posted: November 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

We shoot people in theaters we shoot people in malls we shoot people in convenience stores we shoot children in their classrooms and preachers at their pulpits we eat red meat are overfed and under educated we demand respect when common courtesy is our due we pull no punches pull our metal manhood instead take pride in our own demand our rights that bill was paid two centuries ago we’re living large on the interest the scent of cordite is rooted in our DNA we will keep our guns and tolerate our casualties we know sacrifice is called for we offer up acceptable losses willingly a jury of our kind will acquit us we have a right to defend our pickup trucks from harm we marshal our forces a militia of manifest destiny we assert our territorial imperative and our individual rights form lynch mobs of one we fear losing more than we fear death we do not hear you defend yourself by talking the only language we speak is fightin’ words.

It’s All Mental

Posted: November 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s all mental everything is what I think it is
no truly no really only my take on it
we can reach mutual agreements
as to what constitutes our common reality
but ultimately it is what I say it is.

So commonality is key to compromise
something we might try to believe in
because of other people
it’s how we get by but not where we come to
the end of your days no shared experience.

This is a single one way trip
we set our itinerary long ago
based on what we knew at the time
those of us who haven’t figured things out
try to make corrections along the way.