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Between the aches in my body and the dreams in my head

Day by day in every little way this life is killing me
this is not ennui that would be on me
this is the tyranny of time.

Parts of me are breaking down the glue disintegrating
I am slowly coming apart at the seams.

The mind while aware grapples with apprehension
I cannot comprehend an end yet I see no way through
my attention wanders my focus is diffuse I am of little use.

I choke up my best efforts collapse in on top of me
I cannot breathe cannot think with a brain starved for oxygen.

I go about my business bring nothing to the table just try to get by
I keep smiling incite laughter as a diversion
it’s better than starting fires nothing is consumed but me.

All Things Must Pass

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It is good to bring about an end to some things
unclench cease clinging let go
release is good practice.

All things must pass we were told
simplicity the only way to convey what is self-evident
sermons un-elevated by any other name.

The prophets having come down from their mounts
to play us a tune instead
something we could all dance to.

The rhythm cleared our bodies
the sweat cleansed our minds
now we could listen to the stories without fidgeting.

We wait patiently for the promised ending.

It takes a village

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Too much affection is corrupting
Toxic doting mothers turning children into lapdogs
History repeating itself it’s what the family values

It takes a village to accept blame
We pass the communal cup of guilt
We share its contents each according to his need

Form voluntary groups to hunt the lone wolf
Stalking each of us in our solitude
Crushing the life from our pets in slathering jaws

Our children are not safe without us
We become warders for their protection
Nature spites our efforts for children become wolves

Caged in pink and blue padded cells
Better they lie with lambs learn to take their place in the flock
There is safety in numbers we assign them by lot

trust what you know

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the restless mind probes
searching for the next shiny thing
a reason festooned in finery
an idol posing as motivation
hunger is a trap we all live life cold turkey
the symptoms of withdrawal are a circus of pleasure and pain

duty and deception nobility and folly
senses muted the sighted stumble
nothing makes sense without touch and taste
yet there’s common sense in abstinence
an exit to greater awareness
          trust what you know intuitively

twilight time at noon

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I’m in a winter frame of mind on a summer day
time of the season between phases of the moon
the sun is weaker now solar rays making gray days

and memory casts long shadows over the landscape
revealing trails not taken and pathways too well traveled
melodies fading echoes of other lives we never lived

somewhere along these rutted roads we wandered away
into other lands where the lost are found
and the summer places we left behind are silent

I Limit My Vision

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I limit my vision in order not to see beyond the firelight
I do not fear the shadows so much as I resent them
they loom a perceptible threat a silent rebuke
border of darkness a delineation a reminder of the existence of pain
where control gives over to the vitalization of chaos and destruction.

I accept but I do not accommodate
the resulting discomfort is my own
a bed of dull nails I lie upon
resistance is futile acceptance is brutal
a sudden harm that soon passes.

I am rested yet I am restless in the gray dawn of the coming light.

we the living

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forgotten crimes invisible sins the spirits of the dead have moved on
they do not hear our cries nor can they dry our tears or calm our fears

left behind the living wander through a maze of confusion
the dead have turned their backs on this world

done their time done with us they are well out only their shadows remain
a legacy of mauve memories to haunt our dreams cold comfort indeed

no reason for regret no place else to be we’ve made the best of things
why question life why look back look around you the world is the answer