Saints Forgive Us

Posted: July 5, 2021 in Uncategorized

If you make something meaningless
reduce it to an abstraction
it cannot hurt you anymore.

I owe it to my humanity
to honor these things
before I let them go.

I owe it to anyone who ever knew me
to anyone I ever harmed
anyone I ever helped.

Before I move on
occupy myself with the ever present
before I realize all must be forgiven
though all will be forgotten

I will remember how you came to me
professing your love
and I an angel could not accept it
but only love you as the world.

Could you be fulfilled
could you be satisfied
could you be healed?

A saint who has done harm
is still a saint.
This life is crushing us

making saints of us all.
I long for a place
where we will rejoice in one another

yearn for a time
when I understand us both.
I believe then I will be better
and you will be blessed

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