Kind of Funny

Posted: August 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m in a funny place
don’t want to go out
don’t want to pick up
the food on my plate holds no appeal
other appetites too recede.

Go through the motions
like currents in the ocean
to and fro with the flow
muster a friendly nod
a baseline signifier of peaceful intent
I do not care to harm
as I do not care to care.

Day by day my body betrays me in small ways
the knives in this house are dull
I see things that aren’t there
overlook what is not funny
not funny ha ha I mean.

Unless you can laugh at grace
pratfalling on its face
dropping subjects
now where did I put my dignity?

All that rage against the machine
collapses back on my head
shoots steam coalescing
like a wet hot embrace
from a familiar stranger
a raving street messiah
his forewarnings unheeded.

I mean who has time for that
it’s kind of funny
if you think about it that way
not funny ha ha I mean.


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