The Darkroom


they painted the sky with lies

to bewitch our eyes


they show us the prize

then substitute lies


they snuff out the light

turn day into night


if you want to thrive

stay alive

be an army of one

one against all

kill the big and the small


if you cry you die


you must stay lean

be a killing machine

eat or be eaten

that is the scene

in this vision i’ve seen


in a world gone mad

there’s no room for sad


you must be strong

if you want to live on


it’s all come apart

time to make a new start


forgive your own sins

turn loss into win


Lies hold back the truth

breed terror on the phone

violence in the night

murder in the home.


The truth will make you cry

come for you

to comfort or to kill.


When lies become the truth the truth goes crazy

howling fearfully hunting itself down.


Battered innocence stolen hope

fear stalking the good

makes it whimper

plead for mercy.


The truth is whatever you get.


vipers in the night snipers on the phone

terrorist potshots ricochet off the heart

trembles in fear up against fangs and venom

dragons on the loose let out to play

the heart marks its time day by day

when the sun deserts you the monsters hold sway

and predators are deaf to pleas of mercy

whimpering wimps food for thought born to be caught

in the game cat and mouse only cats want to play

they rule the kingdom

let the rest pray

  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    lies reveal what prayer cannot


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