I Limit My Vision

Posted: July 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

I limit my vision in order not to see beyond the firelight
I do not fear the shadows so much as I resent them
they loom a perceptible threat a silent rebuke
border of darkness a delineation a reminder of the existence of pain
where control gives over to the vitalization of chaos and destruction.

I accept but I do not accommodate
the resulting discomfort is my own
a bed of dull nails I lie upon
resistance is futile acceptance is brutal
a sudden harm that soon passes.

I am rested yet I am restless in the gray dawn of the coming light.

we the living

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forgotten crimes invisible sins the spirits of the dead have moved on
they do not hear our cries nor can they dry our tears or calm our fears

left behind the living wander through a maze of confusion
the dead have turned their backs on this world

done their time done with us they are well out only their shadows remain
a legacy of mauve memories to haunt our dreams cold comfort indeed

no reason for regret no place else to be we’ve made the best of things
why question life why look back look around you the world is the answer

Silence Please

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If I have to spell it out it’s not worth saying

If you can’t read between the lines you are emotionally illiterate

Don’t ask me to explain it diagram it or say it another way

I’ll leave the analysis to you though you’re better off without it

Just step back take a breath settle yourself into the moment

Can you hear me now? I can feel my meaning getting through

If we leaven this exchange with silence things will be clearer


Time Is the Measure

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Time is the measure
by which mankind marks our passing.

Love is the means
through which humanity maintains itself.

Energy is the mechanism
with which the species asserts itself.

All the rest is incident and byproduct
circumstantial evidence of intelligent life
outsmarting itself.

e.g. Communication:
Greetings from Hell – Wish you were here.

e.g. Expression:
I hate you
I love you
I want you to be me

e.g. Art:
Nude Descending Ego
Still Life with Gun
A theater of function
a life in three acts –
feed me stroke me know me

e.g. Religion:
cross carrying members
The Church of Divine Neglect

e.g. Science:
E = Me3
A scientific method to detect the soul

God explains:
I am only myself knowing myself.

So many ways to be.
So much time.

Wordsworth’s Lament

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Wordsworth lamented what man has made of man
I get it we’ve done it to ourselves
blame a vast and unsympathetic universe
blame a benign yet indifferent god
that this image of evil the author of our suffering
gazes back at us wide-eyed and uncomprehending
from the mirror.

Look I know I’m talking to myself here
I get that but you have to process this stuff
I mean it just keeps coming at you
you can’t just lie there … so listen:

We put our minds to it
caressed golden calves
fabricated variations
now we cannot live without the constant hum
background music to the days of our lives
the stories keep getting better and better
it’s a comfort we’ve heard them all before.

Along the Way

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My resolution is to shed regret
lose a few pounds of memory along the way
the more I know the less I will have to carry and care for
the emptiness I leave behind as reproof of my passage.

If I do not recognize myself upon the road
I may be mistaken for the Buddha.

A momentary illusion a hopeful sign if only for an instant
a year’s worth all of them different all of them the same
I have scattered them like seeds along the way
what flourishes in my wake is a garden in a desert.


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The thought gives birth to reality

The flesh contains the event

Belief begets gods and the monsters they create

The myth of creation absolves us of our collective guilt

We are the authors of our history and our fate

We are what we create and what we generate

Utterly alone and completely dependent

We take no shame in sacrifice

We are the only gods in which we believe

Our divinity, self taught, absolves us of nothing

Everything is relative to our desire