Love Is Like Amnesia

Posted: November 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Never asked for much settled for much too little
you kept your distance I kept trying to close the gap.
The fault lies with me you were who you are
I settled for the cold comfort of pretense.
We’d learned to be afraid before we ever met
could not abandon those lessons.

Love is a kind of amnesia but we could not forget
our better natures bound to the will of frightened children.
The blame and the sorrow were easy enough
good reasons to hide without seeking.
Someday I will find you with no memories
someday we will find each other anew.


Best Treehouse Ever

Posted: November 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

I stood there in the cold in my rather too large overcoat
Ill equipped for the occasion not fitting in where I don’t belong
Kicked out of the clubhouse I built my own to spec
Best treehouse ever but I’m the only member

I throw down ropes though no one makes the climb
My perch probably looks rickety from their perspective
Maybe they can see faults in the framework
From down there things may appear unsafe

It’s fitted out for my comfort with see-through walls
Here I can easily keep my distance though my borders are porous
I’ve put down no roots my foundation is the tree I live in
The invisible guards are for my protection they mean you no harm

What Was Shared

Posted: November 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

We’ve all made mistakes otherwise we wouldn’t be here
walking these faintly familiar streets in [n]ever changing cities.

I’m a visitor here myself but I am no stranger to these parts
let me show you a different way a shortcut to the other side.

Let’s go to the park ride the Ferris wheel rise above the treetops
the gondolas sway every which way we fall back laughing.

The places where we lodged before were borrowed but comfortable
these new smaller accommodations conform to current codes.

I’m not sure we were together for very long or really if at all
and when we parted we took only the remains of what we shared.

The Obvious Thing

Posted: November 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

She always says the obvious thing
it makes her seem somehow less interesting less threatening
it makes her predictable
nothing undermines the intrigue of romance like predictability
ultimately she is controllable
in the thermodynamics of human interaction she generates low heat.

He burns hot needs richer fuel regards her failure of refinement as a flaw
the imperfection eats at him keeps him wary and distant
he dispassionately considers her from afar
he is cursed with an analytical temperament he objectifies reflexively
it’s purely defensive in nature
and he is the first casualty of the damage he inflicts.

He keeps his head down makes no changes prolongs the status quo
by inaction he ratchets up the tension
the isolation is infectious he thinks he should try harder
but his injuries neutralize him pain makes him reticent
ultimately it’s an inexcusable condition
she cannot understand.

Comfy Cozy

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

The rain keeps things quiet
we huddle to keep dry
crouch under mushrooms
assume ownership of more elaborate structures.

Some venture forth in shiny machines
proceed through the storm from one place to another
arrive dry and prone to boasting
it took so little effort to get here.

The excess energy must be burned somehow
convenience undermines us
like a seductive fever
the comfort factor gauges our decline.


Posted: November 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Less fervor more facts please

Every breath I take takes me closer to

        calm serenity

Not sufficiently blessed for bliss

        i’ll take what I can get

        do my part to try

As long as you’re trying you’re

        continuing to change

        thus fulfilling the first law of evolution:

        Evolve! (you have no choice)

Lacking the wherewithal to fulfill my aspirations

        i dream on

        so much dreaming fills up my head

        sloshing over into day to soften and diffuse reality

        too much inspiration does that

I know there is only so much I understand


        i think

        and believe

        and feel

        and do

        is contained

                within the boundaries

                that describe the only world I can know

Beyond these limits i am not even capable of being lost

coaxial coexistence

Posted: November 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

inattentive interlocution scrambled syntax fragmented text
broken words chiseled upon the surface of sandstone
curious cuneiform digital remnants of a vanished civilization

there is no light without electricity cathode rays light our days
we press ephemeral images into air quickened with our minds
eternity is a kiss away Armageddon at the flip of a switch

we’ve seen it all before gazed laser-like into crystal balls
even had them implanted like artificial third eyes
technology gets the job done when wishing won’t make it so

we all had good intentions we every one wrote our own script
pretended life was reality TV coexisted with the coaxial cables
the relationship was symbiotic everyone got something out of it

               even those who only watched
               altogether it was a magnificent performance
               the heavens applauded