The Hallowed Ground Beneath Our Feet

Posted: September 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Are flowers that spring from black earth
fertilized by corpses of murdered gay people
more colorful more elegant brighter and vivid
does soil nourished by blood of martyrs bear sweeter fruit?

We sacrifice to a hungry God hopeful He will not devour us
kill in the name of love because we are righteous
bound to uphold the will of a virtuous idea
with God on our brains and fear in our hearts we can do no wrong.

Hear our song battle hymn of the republic for which we stand
a caliphate of hate a shining jewel-encrusted city upon seven hills
a peoples’ paradise where glorious green gardens are well tended
the soil saturated with rich decay of fresh skeletons.


  1. Fallish panache
    combined with za-za Kabuki alchemy’s
    universal elixir


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