The Lost Language of Love

Posted: October 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

This is not a poem this lyrical essay
for a song you supply the music in your head
it’s the only way I can speak to you the only way I know
though once I tried to act it out for you
pantomime my emotions dramatize my truth.

I became characters assumed different roles
sang and danced juggled on a high wire
dying to entertain you I could see I was losing you
lost you the moment I placed you in the audience
you wanted passion I gave you a performance.

I spoke from the page but not the heart
my script became unreadable
the proscenium crumbled beneath me
on my back on the broken boards
I craned my neck to see if you were watching.

Only glimpsed your silhouetted form
fading through a door marked exit
left with no lines to recite
and no one to hear them
I rose to write again in the lost language of love.

  1. Wonderful Imagery as always


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