The Howling

Posted: September 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m just trying to make a point
about biology and gender and behavior
excuse me for having an original thought
don’t mistake this for madness.

You always want to make it about me
i’m just an example a representative
i’m typical like that
like what you see is what you are.

Maybe some unique features
devil maybe in the details
but a contract is a contract
we are what we agreed to be.

I’m just trying to explain
best i can offer analysis
do what you will did my part
made my report left a record of sorts.

One biography
pretty much like any other
if you believe in confession
it’s your own guilt telling you a story.

About how they cast stones lit pyres
more useless acts of self-immolation
what difference did difference make
howling of a frustrated stutterer.

He could not make himself understood
fast enough to extinguish torches
calm village ire friend and lover alike
seems in the end i failed you all.

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