Autumn In July

Posted: July 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

The past does not hold me
the sorrow of an aching heart
I have it daily with my morning coffee
the caffeine rush steels me
and I make it through another day.

The past is like my shadow
coming and going yet always with me
always was what it will be.
I gaze straight ahead
directly into a setting sun.

Blazing platinum horizon
bathing me and my memories
in the warm glow of insignificance.
It’s a brilliant new summer
my skin is warm and weathered

like drying apples in autumn
another essential ingredient
in someone else’s recipe
just another side dish
in an eternal banquet.

  1. rusticdove says:

    I don’t tell you often enough, but your poetry gives me all the feels. So moving and brilliant.


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