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I have slogged through a sewer
its walls crumbling to red clay
river shoals strewn with water lilies
a cave faintly lighted by their reflection.

I associated with dubious denizens
thinking they had literary merit
but I observed too closely
and what we see we covet.

I craved the differences between us
they were a new life
familiarity having worn mine out
I slipped into something else.

There was much ado about style
the things we did and how
how I became the subject
and I observed myself.

Stealing through the story
the writer died the subject lived
the ending was never to be a conclusion
and it wouldn’t have meant a thing.

Simple Justice

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized, writing

Mob in action passions in motion

civic pride gets satisfied.

Court in session come to disorder.

Let the guilty step forward prove what they can

let the victims rejoice to redress their grievance.

Now soldiers tremble

no orders today

for once we the people will have our way.

Bring forth the condemned whose number is up

let the jury’s fury hold sway.

The guilty kneel their heads shorn and pale

then doused with gasoline are contritely burned.

Resolve melts away

seared animals howl.

We take satisfaction.

Their pain is testament to their guilt

their charcoaled flesh conclusive proof

crime is a point of view

held by the many against the few.

Monsters In Love

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Monsters, Uncategorized, writing

Monsters roam this night –

speak their names

          Need and Hunger

with awe and understanding

lest ye be devoured.

And devoutly ask

Can I be enlightened without being evangelical?

Can I share without compelling?

          Need is hunger

          we long to be consumed

          love is consensual cannibalism

          feels as good as it hurts

          the hurt goes both ways anyway

          a taste we share to show we care.

          A longing gaze a psychic caress

          touched by envious eyes

          we sense the attention of others

          like urgent whispers in the wind

          our ears tingle our skin prickles.

Willingly we bare our breast to meet moist lips

flesh flushed with blood rushing eagerly to the surface

to quench the thirst of those who adore us.