Nothing To Fear

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

Feet up head back six decades on let it come
one part exhaustion one part resignation a dash of resistance
when the vehicle breaks down get out and walk.

Or maybe you need a wheelchair to roll
another man invented it maybe it’s the best you’ve got
on your last leg crutches work too.

Until finally you stop walking altogether anyway
look down at your feet look up at the sky cry or laugh
if you’re still angry you may curse God demand explanations.

It’ll get you nowhere fast about as far as a dying echo fading
and if you are still suffering you can be resentful
and if the pain isn’t too bad you can be thankful,

remembering how once
you thought
there was nothing to fear.

  1. Franklin Abbott says:

    “when the vehicle breaks down get out and walk.” and hope it isn’t raining.


  2. Herbert says:

    Nice. Saw a lot in this.


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