Leave Me Be

Posted: June 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

Leave me be i’ll get there or I won’t
like some kind of sexy beast
lithely limning the motions.

Stop being my hell
other people can’t live with them
we bring out the killer in each other.

But mostly we hug
the choice to hug or to kill
a path taken six billion times a day.

We think this an enviable record
having become indifferent to love and suffering
living life in the neutral zone.

Plato’s ideal great for the mind
but i cannot abide the pain
otherwise i’d do more.

Leave me be
the way
i am.

  1. rusticdove says:

    I had to “get on The Google” to look up limning. thank you for the learning moment. 😉 Very moving poem.


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