yoyo man

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

yoyo man ticktocking back n forth between optimism and despair cynicism and faith

i believe in the power of redemption but i feel lost and unredeemable

life ain’t so bad considering we live in an abattoir

things could be worse and they always are

i cry equally at the sight of a rainbow or a lynching

and even though i’m white i can traffic in strange fruit as a metaphor

no one owns lynching after all 6 million Jews died in the holocaust

along with 4 million assorted random undesirables

your gays your gypsies your Slavs and your politically contaminated

we’ve all felt the lash we’ve all wielded whips

and still we love one another and hate one another slay and sacrifice ourselves

for one another

everything we do for and to ourselves everything we cherish and disdain is

what we accomplish together

we are a society of schizophrenic saints and lucid sinners all doing the best we can

under circumstance we create in order to lose control


guess who?

it’s always you

  1. Beside the porcelain savior where I pray for my all
    redeem us from sin although we sin at your beck and call
    as different as two shoes for the same foot we march lockstep
    and hoof on Woodstock wannabe night at Nikky’s Doorstep


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