open up

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

open up and let me in

i’ll be good

let me hold your heart

i won’t drop it

let me feel it beating against my palms

i’ll be careful

how do i get to your head?

can i go in?

i won’t make a mess

i just want to see

i want to look through your eyes

can i open up your mind?

i want to know how it works

i’d like to watch you think

i won’t interfere with the gears

i just want to observe the wheels spinning around

where do you keep your soul?

is it near here?

i can sense it

it’s part of you

but it’s not any particular piece

i can feel it

it’s warm and cool

it’s light that i cannot quite see

it seems to come and go

yet it doesn’t move

can i touch it?

may i talk to it?

could i have a piece for a keepsake?

  1. must be what the ninth life is for.


  2. Lynne Toll says:

    i love this one!


  3. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Tender and touching

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Sheryl Marshal Moore says:

    Interesting thought keeping a piece of one’s soul for a keepsake


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