state of mind

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

keeping up the good work and fulfilling other random clichés

pop concepts of lifestyle emulation through cohesive socialization

keeping up with the jonesing

the constant craving for more and greater versions of ourselves

there are a thousand cracks the arachnids can creep through

there’s no plugging the dike

the flood always comes to cleanse a planet made of dirt


let’s discuss my state of mind let’s talk shall we

about everything but the truth and the lie that it will let you be

the truth will be what the truth will be or so the saying goes

truth is    the truth will out you for your own good

like it or not the truth is coming for you


first be brave channel your inner Mars

transform war into peace aggression into good intentions

reject bitter angels and immaculate jewel encrusted saints

they are only reflections of your lonely self

stop kneeling before gods stand up on your own two feet

lift up thine eyes brandish a fist at heaven

then open your hands and receive the gift of knowing

  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    Models take the runway to get it right
    next time is the first time every time
    The point is to model as you believe

    The real world smack down of the poignant you
    is sign of progress of a strengthening reach

    for always it is best to be awake
    when the time of awakening is close


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