Wild Boys of the Troposphere

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Say adios to the Wild Boys

to jungle dreams

to hot pagan rituals and savage innocence

rare and mythical orchid afternoons

lying together in moss carpeted tree huts

drowsing to rainforest rhythms

spinning legendary tales of love and loyalty

fantastic adventures of the Wild Boys!

  Wild Boys of the Troposphere,

exotic creatures hunt and mate with primitive grace

smart monkeys effortlessly coupling

never question what they need

up here in the canopy

urgent breath sure tongues skilled teeth

pinned sweating scratching fighting


Rough love in the New World

the fittest surviving amid green ice age cathedrals

jungle paradise where God is strength

and sacrifices are demanded

to appease the Great Majestic

the never-ending cycle of harmony and chaos.

                                                                                  I will never say goodbye until I die!

  1. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Never can say goodbye… Gloria Gaynor


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