I’m talking to you

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m a presenter not an inventor refute this at your personal peril

A boy shooting arrows into a horse cites they shoot horses don’t they? without knowing what it means a movie a book something just cool sounding words

I don’t make this stuff up you cannot surpass reality I just refer to it

It’s a resource of ideas and inspiration and a clear demonstration of utter futility and despair and – and I mean this truly – it’s all good

So don’t tell me everything is or isn’t terrible when I show you the news

I’m talking to you I get it you don’t have to listen just don’t make me the stimulus for your reflex

The truth is an irritant itching into your flesh cancer is a pearl the body cannot lie

That’s all I’m saying stop spreading the word speak the truth refuse to brood

I’m lighting a candle it’s a small light with no heat but you can read this note by it

          To whom it may concern if you won’t give me what I want I’ll take what I need

          and by degrees of mutual consent we will sink slowly into the morass

          and into the joy of this world

At these depths I decline to collude dilute or contaminate the simple truth you cannot deny a thunderstorm just because it obscures the sun

I am no prophet nor do I think I’m right

I offer only the cold embrace of understanding

  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    Seems to me “I’m talking to you” tells us, you may have it your way come what may
    you may have it the way it is, by which is meant good with undertones
    forged by experience


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