A Human Homily

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I hear the elegant gibberish

I understand it

the language of the well meaning and the inept

I embrace them all give comfort where I can.


In our failing we have embraced each other

we have suffered together

known the joy of shared sorrow

a rare kind of understanding

more – a miraculous mutual redemption.


Flailing messiahs and crippled angels

lame avatars and crying prophets

the sinners and the sin

after the fall we crawl

seeking sanctuary on the vast lonely plane.


And though the roof of our celestial chapel may leak

we bow our heads acquiesce with grace

our unkissed lips form beatific smiles 

long lost we are at last enlightened

our crying chant a heavenly hymn

a very human homily.

  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    My take on poet13’s A Human Homily is failed martyrs
    sweep with words only translators grasp to successfully decipher miracles
    then swap to chords which illuminate multitudes, it says to me


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