just another lonely sunday

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

sunday afternoon my thoughts turn to you

the arms of a stranger cold comfort on a warm afternoon

i try harder to give what i need so at least someone is happy


living life on the plan b plan keeps you on your toes

jack stays nimble a dodger a weaver of intricate webs

all of my hostility is defensive my anger sorrow


the no shows and the heart breakers i’ve had and been

regret is just another byproduct of an active lifestyle

you know you’re alive if it hurts you can laugh at anything


even the joy you’ve fumbled doing pratfalls along the way

i cut a remarkable figure both elegant and absurd

a hot memory for the one in ten i embraced


the legacy of the lonely is a poignant song we’ve shared in passing

and so i raise my voice in harmony with myself

still hoping someone else knows the words

  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    Poet13 scribes a circle with the psyche
    the stanzas conclude with stair stepped emotions
    in such a way that the final line of “Just Another Lonely Sunday”
    invites the reader to readjust back to the opening line


  2. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Especially poignant… the legacy of the lonely


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