the love ungiven

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

in the warm winter’s day painted with blue smoke and amber sun

half remembered dreams reduce my waking faculties by fifty percent

i’ve done all the right things yet i am depleted

            my capacity to be disturbed is boundless


i’m sleek my belly is empty i’m running on caffeine alcohol tobacco

i should be all systems go

but the beast rears my ugly head

            it will not be tamed yet it can be controlled


sincerity afraid to show its head afraid it will be lopped off by irony


which is why we keep growing new ones

            everyone’s a hydra


dancing to charm and make them want to understand

i should just be clear with you

            but it’s hard to be honest


playing the fool to please playing the clown so they’ll like you

            some don’t some won’t


            at repose within the heart and soul of myself

            i’m afraid i’m no fun to be around


i’m trying to be deliberate i’m trying to have integrity i’m trying to honor this thing

            this process


it’s a beautiful day i am content I know what happiness can be

            i know the love ungiven will exact its toll in tears


I can give advice

            open your eyes open your heart

            give it up it’s good for you

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