iron man

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

hard to completely let go

                    surrender yourself to your self

not easy to be casual

need to stop holding on to stuff

that has a hold on you

                                        enjoy the finer things

just remember they aren’t the main thing

old habits and hard deaths

                    the bedrock of your worst impulses

                              the strata of your false foundation

subduction of the soul

as you submerge and envelop yourself

          seeking the white hot core

          your inner iron man

                              standing tall at ten thousand degrees fahrenheit

no air to breathe

                    idols implode inside the fiery furnace of a true heart

                    the last tough muscle to resist incineration

                                     as this life goes up in


                                    the ether you drink to quench a neverending thirst                                    

                                     a permanent part of the earth that sustains you


  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    Mind as flexible as man is ferrous
    anchors this “Iron Man” with the
    discounted soul of a mortal Dionysus
    scalping his heart, errant yet endless,
    with the planet’s beingness


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