sooner or later

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

resisting compulsion expands available time

            expanding time creates voids we fill them with living knowledge

 each moment a miracle this gift of life that keeps on giving

            all you get is everything it has to offer

                                     take it or leave it

 every day could be the last day every time you turn on the tv play the ipod

eat the steak love your partner or fuck a stranger could be the last time

                                     sooner or later everything must go

 the lies we tell only obscure the truth from ourselves

            all will be known

                                     sooner or later

 the cozy corners will be brought to light

            the comforts you crave to ease your pain will be denied

 find yourself in a heaven or a hell of your own making

            you spent a lifetime designing and constructing it

the places you inhabit become the house you must live in

                                     sooner or later

                                    now and then

                                                it all came to this

  1. Sheryl Marshal Moore says:

    So very true and we all come to this.


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