A Cage Without Bars

Posted: January 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

Shuffling through closets
I stumble before the mirror
get a good long look
think a few things.

First that you’re going to die alone
and then…well…it’s been a while
this is why I avoid mirrors nowadays.

Not necessarily negating narcissism
or claiming a miraculous cure for self-absorption
only the mirror image I shun is really me too
I’m avoiding myself once removed.

Failing to embrace my reflection
I dwell in silver solitude
like a hermitic Old Testament prophet
unable to converse with anyone but God.

People either respect me or avoid me completely or both
I am becoming by increments my worst imagined self
slowly fabricating a future that will entrap me
an ingeniously intricate and elaborate lair
a cage without bars.


  1. stephanie says:

    lovely poem, and so are you.


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