Trust Me

Posted: December 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s a short hop from it’s not you it’s me
to I think we should see other people
I need more space
space which you do not occupy

please don’t be offended
again it’s not you it’s me
I’m… I don’t know… it’s complicated
I’ve got stuff going on

things are a little weird right now
I need time to work things out
I just… anyway it’s not you it’s me
you’re great I don’t deserve you really

you’re better off without me
you need a chance
to find somebody who’s right for you
I’m not right for you

I’m not right for anyone
or maybe I’m right for everyone
maybe that’s the problem
that’s my nature

I guess you can’t change who you are
I’m doing you a favor really
I care about you too much to go on this way

I respect you I do
I just hope we can still be friends
trust me
it’ll be more fun this way.


  1. love it… crisp and pointed


  2. covers all the bases


  3. Anonymous says:

    therapy time, or party time?


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