Front Page News

Posted: December 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

this is karma this is blowback
the crescent sun rises burns the horizon
illuminating a chaos of our creation
black smoke spiraling into a legion of jinn
eager to grant unspoken wishes
The Empire of Mind manifest
reaping what we’ve sewn

the eternal bumper crop of war
seeds germinated in case-hardened hearts
planted in desert sands
how can this grow?
it seems almost effortless
the rain fell the rest just happened
unintended consequences of unguarded desire

happens seemingly at the push of a button
it’s too easy to avoid feels too good to stop
the impulse is to assert our selves
our motives must count for something
our intent lost in the disconnect
without clarity there is confusion
we make it manageable and accept the losses

  1. War is a religion we must convert


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