Religious People

Posted: December 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Religious people are crazy they worry me make me anxious
it takes a certain kind of insanity to delete logic in favor of fairytales
myths miracles legends and laws drinking symbolic blood making sacrifice
it seems to me anything can happen any act perpetrated upon such alters
if you put your mind to it you can believe everything.

Religious people scare me they burn hot with short fuses
their ardor and their certainty quell questioning trample doubt
their joyful noise disturbs my peace I am jittery within such congregation
stubbornly resist any public pull to salvation
too cool for the room too self-conscious to be saved.

Religious people alarm me because they are delusional
they see angels in clouds saints on toast hear god whispering in the garden
they abide by rules their forefathers have written down
the words long since faded into sacred and inviolable ciphers
lifeless stones waiting to be cast.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nicely put, but isn’t there some utility in the transcendent?


  2. flame colors and smoke


  3. Theron says:

    Very good. My sentiments exactly


  4. poet13 says:

    Exactly. Thanks.


  5. Anonymous says:



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