Think Scientifically

Posted: December 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Try to think about it scientifically try to bring physics to bear
Our physicality is our entry point into the material dimension
We perceive with our senses the flesh is a base point of apprehension

Like light sinking into a bog belching back swamp fire to ignite the horizon
It is both the instrument of and the obstacle to our transcendence
Our means of progress is the vehicle at hand which must eject us

the mind pulls forward the body grows dense
entrenched concentration lifts a heavy stone edifice
perspective shifts revealing new visions of beauty and truth

The shining utopia on a hill ringed by endless barrios
Crisscrossed by countless avenues with forgotten names
We wander through them are lost then find our way out again

Think we’ve been enlightened realize we were merely amazed
Try to turn our thoughts in another direction into the beherenow
The beginning and the end of every journey we needed a method not a map


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