Cosmic Surgery

Posted: November 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am trying to age gracefully
forget cosmetic surgery I prefer cosmic surgery
a self-administered procedure
in fact no one else can do it … only you
though you have no knowledge of the method.

But you know how
know it cannot be taught
are children taught to fear the dark
do we have to think in order for our bodies to age
it helps … but there’s no need.

Age comes come what may
the earth turns under our feet … we keep walking
keep time with our drumming hearts
eventually they wear out or we break them
or maybe someone does that for us.

However whoever whenever sooner or later by whatever means
the clocks have their say do their worst perform their function
this body too … until it winds down altogether
one last tock one last breath
hopefully a contented sigh.

  1. Bob Burkhardt says:

    that made me smile… tick tock


  2. Franklin Abbott says:

    lovey and so true! thanks for the notion of cosmic surgery.


  3. prescription Starlight


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