Bad Behavior

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m tired of supporting bad behavior
i can no longer enable these cunning tactics
the unconscious conduct that forms a personality
the early aches and pains the kinks that warp the framework
constricting the heart a self-protective reflex turning muscle to iron
a rebar foundation for the twisted lattice of the central nervous system
a bundle of ganglia knotted with cystic cells blemishes on the soul.

The mind is only the middleman
the orders come down from above the impulses bubble up from below
we stew in juices whipped up according to our own recipe meals of our own making
we set the table exactly the same every time make it a pretty picture of perfection
we serve ourselves again and again a feast we cannot stomach
we are bloated and malnourished starved for the authenticity of one clear moment
one full breath one true thing we can know and then let go.

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