Ancient Evenings

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Our evenings were suffused with jazz tobacco and cannabis

smoke glowing like neon under a shrouded caffeine buzz

passing through every head in the room

a hive mentality high on its own brilliance.


How could we think these thoughts how could we not

we wouldn’t stop even if we could

we were the thinking man’s man

called ourselves the paragon of animals.   


Well now maybe… we’re as good as it gets anyway

we try to make that work

join hands and sing of ideals

and a world designed by our better angels.


Ankle deep in muck we dance as best we can

try to think better thoughts 

before we know it we’ve recreated something of ourselves

in forms of beauty we cannot fully comprehend.


And so we come together again

       and we talk about it amongst ourselves

               and hope no one raises a hand. 

  1. i get it, i get it, keep on talking


  2. Bob Burkhardt says:

    i’ve seen you ankle deep in muck… i liked it


  3. says:

    Awesome! Thanks for gracing my day. Wish I was in Atlanta for “more”. A

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. tony says:

    McGee, That’s kind of nice.


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