Only the Living

Posted: June 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

The reluctant isolationist sits in his cocoon fending off self-pity with good cigars and fine cognac

nobody calls because nobody cares


a juvenile complaint a hard man is self-reliant the wise man is self-knowing

in spite of experience and disappointment


without judgment or expectation with full knowledge and consent

acceptance is the only sensible course through fate and inevitability.


The world will have its way with you to survive turn your back on the dragon

the pain is fleeting oblivion is never forever


I have perished and triumphed a thousand times I am starlight in the night sky

I am wind walking on grass the laughter of hyenas the whimpering of a faun


I am the glory of creation the voice of annihilation the persistence of memory

the triumph of eternity.


I am nothing for I am everything I am the logic of emotion the reason within faith

a singularity of multitudes the endless beginning of never-ending possibilities


I am mathematics compelled by desire science in service of lust debased religion sin exalted

a sacrificial lamb upon an altar of my own construction


I smile at death accept another life go willingly into the house of pain rescue the guilty

consign the innocent to flames.


I am neither good nor evil

I am only the living.

  1. a psalter of modernity


  2. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Well crafted. I feel the isolation.


  3. tony elliott says:

    You are the crown of creation and you’ve got no place to go. Jefferson Airplane


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