73 and sunny

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

73 and sunny the mammalian ideal
the sun gives us free degrees
pale sister moon reassures us at night
we thrive in light darkness at our shoulders
a constant dread a fact of life
we take life from the garden of the sea
we ourselves born of heat and blood and salt
we dwell upon the earth inhabit its massive contours
we build images of ourselves in stone and glass
we burrow in we soar aloft we come and we go
amid the fact and solidity of our doing
we wage war we make love we seek redemption
the unintended consequences of the hungry living

  1. Red meat poem, go fish elsewhere


  2. robindavis says:

    So great – every word is perfect – We are the modern hominids but not as cool and much more neurotic.