now what?

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

aches and pains opaque vision

          living fatigue


are you up to it?   does the adventure continue?


the journey was a success when you knew to stop


further and more have come and gone

                    past the point of no going on

                              and no going back


this is it   here you are

                                             now what?


first take a breath

                    try to do no harm


stop taking your pills

                                                     and heal yourself


wean yourself off the big tit you’ve nursed from day one


this present is not zoned for comfort


                              with three modes of time change is permanent


nothing stays the same but just that

          always   never more


here and now ticks on too

                                        never ending never enough

  1. Why it seems you can catch your neighbor and you can catch your neigbor’s dog but you can never catch your own dog?


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