oxygen free

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

these are not criticisms these are observations

we bare our breasts with trust and the best intentions

an act of courage

giving voice to my reaction reveals my own clumsy ineptitude

always assume the best

read into my remarks appreciation and gratitude


oxygen free

supine my spine is realigned

at the top of my exhalation or is it the bottom

my bones crack spontaneously snap into place

self-adjustment via natural surrender

letting go the bad air poised in the inbetween

the pure moment the quiet solitude the pleasing stillness


between breaths

no intake no output simply to be oxygen free

floating in the zone of neither nor

no need to ask when the next breath will come

no need to worry about filling lungs to sustain life


let go let it out let it in let it be

let it come if it will

take the air for what it is

this rare miracle of abundance

this invisible blood

  1. robindavis says:

    Made me pause and concentrate on my breath. I entered a meditative state.


  2. good stretch, new vista


  3. Allen says:

    Wonderful…thank you…

    Sent from my iPhone



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