in the zoo

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

hobnobbing with my fellow homo-sapiens

                    and other gorillas in the zoo


                              standing erect

                     gripping cocktails with opposable thumbs

          sniffing out the herd


                    youngsters gambol and twirl at play

                              my attention drifts their way

                                              away from my own species

chattering in a language i understand too well


what if we put down our bones

          took off our clothes and

                                                  groomed one another

                              instead of trying to fuck one another

          even in necessary ways


naked apes have more to conceal than our shaggy brethren

                    our clothing a temporary hide we don to cover our baser selves

but once dressed we lose our senses succumbing to artifice


                        aping the apes the caretaker avoids direct eye contact

                        while interpreting the behavior of our distant relatives

                        tells us it’s a family affair


                              we know the dance and perform it well

                              the tribe requires it

                              we serve the greater good without thinking

  1. Neil Palumbo says:

    Naked apes, lost in thought, produce visceral responses 🙂


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