poetic essay

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

advice to self on a rainy sunday: let go

if i accept the possibility of doom

then doom will come


the thing you fear is inside you

      you are your own worst nightmare

 you are every part of the dream


my mortal coils tighten their grip

i squeeze back

                             wait for lightning to strike


fuck with yourself

          undermine assumptions

            challenge accepted truths

risk blowback

the more you take what you think you need

         the more you need it


and so my friends in closing

i cease and desist the urge to resist

accept the things i crave

reject happy endings

brew bitter tea

                             the better to brace myself


can’t get past it without going through it

the distance from here to there

describes the trajectory of desire

the long distance journey of all wayward travelers

  1. Neil Palumbo says:

    Wayward travelers unite and brew bitter tea!


  2. whistling and whittling


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