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Posted: January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

assessing bad habits and cataloging character faults

                        keeping it real with myself

yea right good luck with that

            introspection is internal communing

a process to calculate your progress toward some state of being

                                    just another way to try and fix yourself

self-delusional obfuscating bullshit of the first order

                                    contemplation may seem passive

                        but what’s the point of it all if you don’t have the first clue

                                                            all the things you did and were

                                                there must be meaning

there isn’t

you can’t see the obvious answer staring you in the face

eyeball to eyeball 

you go blind trying to fathom the unknowable

 looking is how you see searching is one way to find

                                    what you are looking for

the farther you go the further away you get

what you seek eludes you

you stumble through a thousand illusions

before you hit a real brick wall

no matter how far you go or what direction

eventually you run into one

                                                something lies at either end of everything

best keep to the center and avoid collisions

the middle way is the golden means to your ultimate destination

good luck send me a postcard when you get there

  1. juxtaposed, it seems to me


  2. tony says:

    Keep to the center indeed.


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