this is when

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

distress in the lower tract

a flaccid lack of inspiration below the belt


          the reflex fails to connect

the baseline has shifted


                                        no amount of quantum electro dynamic

                              string theory or elegant mathematics

can make this reality less plausible


however misguided native instinct does the trick

                              lets slip the golden ratio

skewing symmetry

                                        and harmony


seeking a mathematical formula for beauty

a solid system of proportions

                              absolution through self justification


you come closest to yourself

in the raw moments

                    when the façade slips its skin

and the mask is removed


you don’t need a mirror to know exactly what you look like


this is when you willingly dissolve

          into a rainbow puddle of putrescent stardust

                              comingling with the multitude of other essence

                    inside outer space

  1. triangle of fire shadowless reminder of when


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