future man

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

when tomorrow’s plans get trashed

                                                    smash routine

overturn the status quo

                                   throw clocks out the window

                                                                       and caution to the wind

set the collective id free

                                    to ravage and ransack in the streets


tomorrow has been raped and left for dead

                                                                 there is only now

once victims of circumstance

                                           we are become vengeful warriors

                                                  atavistic mutants new primitives

                                              future man

                                                  incapable of processing compassion or caution


shoving tender thoughts aside

                                              we zero in on the thing we want


fear has released us from care

                                              we are predators at one only with the hunt


hardened hearts beat louder

                                           jungle drums signaling danger

                                               fair warning to all

                                            war parties on the prowl

we speak with action

                               a primitive language with no word for pity

                                                                                   or mercy


we sacrifice our savage innocence in tribal fire

                                                                    to appease gods made of

                                                                                      weathered wood

                                                                         and broken stone

          our prayer is simple

                                       grant us plentiful prey



  1. splintered jazz__ writing the ridden__riding the written


  2. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Did you just go see Guardians of the Galaxy?


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