Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

rat in a maze burning on empty

strung out on the bar

pressing pressing pressing

Oh God of Rodents give us this day

our daily pleasure

keep the pain away

show me the way

beyond this maze

my world of days

Oh God of Rodents how did i get here

they shoved a wire into my brain

now i feel no pain

pressing pressing

Oh Holy Father Rat oh blast of cold jeweled jism oozing from stigmatic paws

Oh God of my fur thy scepter’s light is burning

i am anointed amid this hard confusion

sharp edges define my vision


i suck quick ecstasy shooting divine fire through my twitching paleness

i writhe for thee my warm fluid life I offer thee

to cleanse the floors where I lay me down to sleep

safe in my mechanical keep

kept by my Lord of Rodents

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