Howling at God

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

The methods we devise the measures we take

To try and control the chaos through which we swim

Our ways and means desert us eventually they will convert us

Not me brother I am a lonely werewolf calling in the wild

Naked on the frozen plane I bare my chest beat my breast

Howling at God


The only mercy we know is what we ourselves devise

Parceled out among us each according to his need

Leavened with equal measures love cruelty and indifference

And sure some of us are good some of the time

Thank God for that and curse man for the rest


Wisdom teaches our suffering is our fault

God is blameless take it on faith

Who am I to argue with wise men

They interpret scripture I take it as gospel

The truth according to them glitters before my porcine eyes

I am a werewolf in pigs clothing

Howling at God


After the eleventh hour midnight dawns

The lonely night’s cold embrace sends shivers through our chakras

Wilting bliss beneath gales of doubt

Exiles from Eden wanderers in the wilderness

We gather in packs surviving on flesh and blood

Give thanks for the blessings we take

  1. Bunny Burns says:

    Love the line ‘Wilting bliss beneath gales of doubt’.


  2. give or take sandal shod soul


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