The Longer View

Posted: December 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

If I do not present myself
I will not have to defend myself.
If you want to fight me
I am not going to be there.
I opt out of the struggle
you’re having with yourself.

I am not your problem
nor am I your solution.
You take issue you take umbrage
take it on faith
I cannot care
and care for myself.

In the struggle for survival I come first
as long as I can stay
out of your way.
My agility is my friend
sapien brains
win mind games.

The longer view
may not include you or me.
Beyond a far horizon
it’s every man for himself.
Let the cosmos shred your skin
spirit has no ego and no point to prove.

  1. Sheree Gormley says:

    I know exactly the person I would send this poem.



  2. rusticdove says:

    Excellent. So nice to see a couple of your posts following a long hiatus.


  3. Theron says:

    Like this poem


  4. tony says:

    Them’s some good words JWM Jr.


  5. Casino of Love
    red, black, even, odd numbers
    pinch until awake


  6. poet13 says:

    Well thank you very much.


  7. Stephen Parker says:

    🤩🤓 wow nice imagery.


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