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Wisdom of the Mute

Posted: February 18, 2017 in wisdom

Mistaking etiquette for subterfuge
misunderstood intentions lying in tatters at my feet.

My hands palms up empty
was it something I said?

My actions are blameless
my inertia invites censure.

I will get up and I will come to you with no expectations
the fear I cannot leave behind may undermine my mission.

Accepting the inevitable is another form of bravery
failure was always an option.

I could try to keep talking until you understand me
yet I know honesty is best revealed in silence.

How hard it is to be quiet for silence is also subjective
we read into it what we ourselves are writing.

I must speak up if I want my story told
and if no one hears I will summon the wisdom of the mute.