A Good Boy

Posted: July 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m drawn to complicated women
perhaps because my mother was crazy
incestuous implications
a fast track to rejection.

You don’t need to say no bro
you only need to lie low
you know what you’re feeling is right
no doubt you should run.

Run right into flames
a martyr to maternal malevolence
breaking patterns breaking hearts
it’s for the good of everyone
above all my mental health needed saving.

I loved you not well but thoroughly
thoughtfully I could not let you go
lies strewn around me like a garland of roses
I didn’t mind the thorns
I wore them as a crown for your amusement.

If I’m lucky they will pierce my brain
prod me to remember how I got here
no wonder so many call out for their mothers
when they are dying.

Perhaps she appears wreathed in shining light
an angel of mercy sent to relieve your suffering at long last
with spectral mother’s milk to kindly cloud clarity.

A false miracle to help you favor fantasy over fact
before you remember to turn out the light
a good boy always says goodnight.

  1. wonderful… favor fantasy over fact


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