Stop Remembering

Posted: June 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

All roads lead back to the past
flocking to an uninspiring savior
drawn most to the thing that most frightens.

No more will than a moth spiraling into the light
memory is a lure we’re all Kafka trapped in a roach motel
stuck to our own regrets and ruminations.

It’s all in our heads so we lop them off
a temporary fix death being a long-term investment
still every exit leads someplace.

Anyway no place is just someplace else
so there you are dead probably not loving it
trying to figure out where you went so wrong.

Funny how things turn out but only god is laughing
it’s enough to drive the righteous to extremes
curses flung by mortals rain back down upon our heads.

It’s the universe cracking our skulls with gravity
trying to rub some enlightenment into tough meat
headaches are nature’s way of telling you to stop remembering.

  1. exquisite example of waltzing to Death’s lead


  2. umadesmond says:

    I think forgetfulness is natures way of telling you to stop remembering. Cruel

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