Love In Reverse

Posted: May 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hate is love in reverse
no passing cordialities can unseat such tightly held faith
such pious rectitude and loving condemnation.

I see it in your eyes how I am lost I won’t deny it
our paths crossed in a twinkling triggering spontaneous opportunity
I won’t deny failing to forgive learn ignore and implore.

But I am steadfast I am moored in time
lost to this moment rushing past like whispering wind or a glancing kiss
true love is a storm that impels billowing sails bound for the North Star.

Headlong my vessel plunges over the edge of the known world
somewhere in the roiling white mist-riled maelstrom below
we grab hold to one another or we are swept forever beyond reach.

  1. Reverse is an auto’s lowest gear!


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