Still Life Quickened

Posted: May 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

SO: Conventional attitudes around mammalian aesthetics
our physiology informs our impressions
opinions come to us by way of all flesh.

We must make these things make sense
it’s how we know pornography when we see it
and why certain combinations of colors make us weep.

Some sound discordant notes like an alarm at midnight
the pictures we paint with jagged lines
depict a new landscape a still life quickened.

THEN: Our formulae falling off the page
scrambled letters and symbols confound optic nerves
in a sweat we riot an aesthetic panic attack.

An extreme reaction to micro-muscular contraction
writhing nervous systems rewiring themselves
the circuit breakers broken.

Bones smashed
limp bodies in the street concrete proof cubism is clarity
thus the senses are not to be trusted.


  1. Joey Potter says:

    This is very deep…


  2. Crocodile jaws snap!


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