Lend Me Your Ears

Posted: April 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

A technology gulf is opening between us I feel you falling through
we only think as fast as the medium we employ
the form of our expression informs the message we send
yeah yeah I know Marshall McLuhan got there first.

That’s not my point not my message the medium is not our master
we adapt speak our minds by whatever means we have at hand
when hamstrung vocal chords garble my voice and flesh fails me
I require tools to work my way past your defenses.

Lend me your ears give me your attention
I know your heart and mind will follow if only I make myself clear
clarity being a prerequisite of truth pure and simple
if I cannot be clear I cannot speak with honesty.

I keep my truth bound with taut nerve fiber wrapped in cured muscle
I imprison it within my jerky heart though it is not my intent
to be a warden not a poet my meaning reduced to a plea
take these keys unlock this cell free us both to say what we mean.

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