My Mistake

Posted: April 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

My mistake was to mistake lust for love to embrace in a clutch
turn my lips away from a kiss fearing the devouring mouth.

My mistake was to mistake an extended hand for a claw
the touch that heals can hurt soft whispers sound sinister to one hard of hearing.

My mistake was to think you cared because you came
my mistake was to think I had what you needed.

The needy are greedy I was a temporary pass to the satisfaction of another
my mistake was to think a smile was genuine.

The laughter had no meaning beyond a body convulsing haplessly
my mistake was to expect my expectations to be met – a cosmic joke.

The phantoms I embraced I conjured from my lovelorn mind
my mistake was to think my heart couldn’t be broken by a single tender touch.

The tears I shed fall upon parched earth where nothing grows
my mistake was failing to grasp the bouquet you offered had germinated there.

  1. during the krill run, Penguins mock fate


  2. rusticdove says:

    This tugged at my heartstrings.


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