The Second Pouring

Posted: March 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

The second pouring wind carries jazz on a breeze
all dogma is empirical knowledge is mutable
dappled hillsides green tea insurrection on the wind
ocean of air everywhere.

I embrace the languor my intentions are good
I cannot shine through though I make a sound
I try to laugh show my willingness to bring peace promote prosperity
I find my voice in harmony occasionally I create a genuine moment.

I bring the inertia I bring us into the 12th century
twilight in the meadow the great silence
I simply agree and give up nothing
nothing is lost nothing to fear.

My alkaline and my acid are perfectly balanced
yet I defy expectations I’m simply trying to teach by example
my actions are a parable
the good that you do oft goes unnoticed.

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